Saturday, September 24, 2011

"1st grade is wwwwwaaaaayyyy better than Kindergarten"

We have a beautiful, kind, sweet, full of charisma, and loving 1st grader in our house. Kindergarten was hard for me. Emotional in so many ways. A moment in time when the reality of your babies growing older is right in front of you and you cant do nothin' about it! Well, 1st grade was a tad harder and I was blind-sided by it. I should have been prepared...wait, I was prepared. Yet, it was hard... real hard. You see, Kayden is pretty fearless about most things. She faces new and exciting challenges head on. Thats what I love about her. So, the idea of 1st grade was not something she would back down from. A longer day, more recess, more homework, more expectations...more, more, more- Kayden would say "Bring it". Mom on the other hand, says" Slooowwww Down!" This is happening all too fast. Since Kaydes was a baby, she always seemed much older than she really was. Mature in so many ways. Something as a parent, I took pride in. Yet, here is a time in her life where she has a platform to get up and shine, to blossom into that beautiful little girl she has been waiting the last 6 and 1/2 years for.....STOP, I just want to freeze time. My baby is in 1st grade and there aint nothin' I can do about it.
After I picked her up, I secretly was wishing she would tell me it was hard, and too long and she wishes she could go back to Kindergarten. Because if I could freeze time, I think that is right where I would put her. But, instead with that contagious smile of hers and bright bluish green eyes, she said " 1st grade is waaaayyyy better than Kindergarten, Mom!" And skipped off ....Just like it was any 'ole day!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Some of the fun things pictured above.....
Waterworld Waterslide, Newport Beach House Vacation, Oakland A's Game w/ friends, Swim Team Lip Sync (see if you can find Kaydes...she REALLY played the Ska8er Boy" Role!), Walnut Creek City Meet, Night out at the Woodlands,
Pismo Beach Vacation with the Shine's, SMC
Soccer Camp for Kaydes, SMC Father/Son
Camp for Rick and JRob, 4th of July Parade,
and ferry Ride with Nonnie to S.F.
School is back in session and as much fun as the summer was, we are looking forward to a great school year for both kids!! Just need to start planning Summer 2012...Let the countdown begin!

The Croys love weddings!

The day Kayden finished school we hopped in the car to travel down to So Cal for two weddings. the Croys LOVE weddings. It is a time to celebrate love, friendship and create memories. That we did, especially the first night as both kids were invited to share int eh special day.

All great things come to an end!

Kayden had such an swesome last week of school. The days were filled with various themed activities and parties. One day was a Fairytale Festival-- a day in which the kids moved thru stations of crafts, games, and food all to end with a party where the kids ate veggies form their garden and chicken legs which were to be thrown on the floor of the classroom, similar to the Medival era. They kids also had a "Hippie Day" where they dressed the part and enjoyed reading and sharing poetry that kids were given the option to write and share with the class. Kayden of course wrote a poem and read it in front of the class. The kids also had a waffle bar one morning while they wrapped up the school year, collecting all their best artwork and signing yearbooks.

Thanks Mrs. LaDue for an amazing first year of school!

NorthCreek End of Year Program

This guy doesnt love attention. He is shy and prefers distraction to surround him if he is doing anything that may draw attention. The end of year program at his school was performed on the main sancutary stage in front of hundreds of people. He rose to the occasion and sang his little heart out. So very proud of this 4 yr old!

A's Tee Ball

JRob has been waiting for the day that we can get out on the field/court to compete. The time finally came this Spring when he joined the Pee Wee A's. He not only learned a bit about the sport of baseball, but he picked up some fine tuning on his amateur skills. As always, snack after the game is always a huge hit, filled with great anticipation from one week until the next. For JRob, despite the league rules that in the Pee Wee league no score is kept, he was convinced week to week that they always won! I didnt have the heart to break it to him that really both teams are winners.
We will have many more years to come on the baseball diamond, but for now JRob can be found in the back yard hitting wiffle balls off the side of the house!

Smith Family Farm Field Trip - April 2011

One of the things I have loved about not working is being able to work in Kaydens classroom. This particular day I joined her class on a fieldtrip to a family farm. The day was spent digging for earthworms, learning about bees and grinding corn, planting their very own tomatoe plant, holding a baby chick and other animals, and even a tractor ride. The smiles and laughter were worth every second of being there.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Benihana's to celebrate the big 3-5!

Benihanas was the choice when it came to my bday dinner! Kayden joined my family when she was a few months old, nearly 6 years ago. So, we were long overdue for this special treat. The kids loved the "show" put on by the cooks (thats not their official name, but I havent a clue what it is)...The food was delicious as always but the company was better. Kayden even got up and pretended to be our cook and had everyone cracking up!

We are going to miss our Mickey!

SMC graduation was in mid-May and we had to say "good bye " to the seniors on the team. SMC graduation is one of the best if seen, and having been a graduate of SMC I am lucky to have experienced it first hand. After the ceremony and distribution of diplomas, all the seniors party on campus grounds. There are pop up tents everywhere with djs, food, and lots of drinks. The seniors purchase plots for their families and friends to celebrate this big day.

We are sad to say good bye to the seniors Phil and Mickey. Mickey is JRobs idol and he has come to be very close to our family.

Although the Croys are new to the SMC family, we thank Mickey for all the memories this past year!!

Woodlands "mini" meet

A preview to our summer...swim, swim and more swim!